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Reviews about Men in Motion at Guilt nightclub in Boston

Ladies the Men in Motion male revue has been in the Boston area for 30 years.  Over time our exotic dancers come and go which is nothing new to any industry.  However our show at Guilt has received some of the best reviews we have ever received. And we want to thank all of you for that! A lot of time and energy has been put into the show and our #1 goal is to make it the best revue show on the east coast.


If you check out our video of our Male Revue at Guilt, you can get a quick glimpse of the atmoshpere of our review show, costumes, and sexy men.


Click here for Male Revue Guilt Video


Men in Motion Dancers Guilt Nightclub Poster

Guilt is about 4,000 square feet of dance floor that is setup for any dance party.  They do private events, have dance parties and they have the Men in Motion show every month.

The Men in Motion show starts at 8pm and then ends at 940pm.  This leaves plenty of room for your to still have your whole night to let loose and have just a good time with your friends.  There are plenty of restaurants and other bars within walking distance of the club so you won’t have to cab it anywhere.

Ladies go no further for a male strip club in the Boston area, just come down to the show!!

Book a Male Dancer with Men in Motion

Are you looking to book a male dancer for your party and you are not sure if you want to do it? Here are some things to consider:

1. Booking a male dancer for a party is a unique thing. If you decide to book one, keep in mind this may be the only time that your girlfriend will have this happen to her. It’s something you will talk about for years after the party takes place.

2. Keep in mind of the audience – Will your audience want a male performer to show up to your party? Will they respond ok to a sexy man dancing?

3. Know your location – One time I was asked to dance for a girl at a birthday party at a public location. I was fine with it, but the owners of the restaurant were not. They stopped me 5 minutes into my performance. It was embarrasing for me, the girl who booked me and the girl that it was for.. Make sure to ask the owners of the establishment if they are fine with having a male stripper dance at their location.

4. Theme – What type of theme do you want? The dancers have a variety of outfits to choose from. Please ask when you give us a call to book your party.

5. Time – Please keep in mind that the dancers drive all over to do parties. Sometimes up to 2 hours depending upon where they are coming from. Sometimes there is traffic so when you book allow for about a 30 minute window just in case something happens to the dancer on the way to your event. Especially in populated cities!

Hopefully this all helps, please go to our male stripper booking page for more information!