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Men in Motion on the road

Ladies you might thing that being a dancer is all fun and games.  Now of course at the show it is.  We enjoy what we do.  However a lot of time and effort goes into our shows.  There’s travel, time and energy, expenses, personality clashes or comradship, the list goes on.

At the end of the day we are just real people doing the same things that all people do.  One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.

As you can see in our pic, Brett, Alejandro and Sensation have squeezed in the back seat of the car going from one show on one night to another show the other night.  Sometimes these guys don’t sleep much or even have a chance to get comfortable.  “The show must go on” always applies.  These guys are truly dedicated to the entertainment they provide so going on the road to different shows is part of the lifestyle.

Men in Motion on the road

May truth be told that even though their bodies look good, on more than one occasion they EAT FAST FOOD, FRIES AND ALL!(In fact Alejandro even claims to not even work out..  It must be the Brazilian in him to just have the looks and body no matter what)  If you were there you might scratch your head or even laugh.  So why are they eating like that?  Well they are on the road!!  Road food isn’t always the best but when they get home they delve into a few salads and chicken breast to make up for lost time.

Ladies the Men in Motion has a good group of men, just check them out at our website at


See you at the show!

The Men in Motion FREE TICKETS Sweepstakes!

The Men in Motion is now doing a monthly sweepstakes every month for our club shows in New England and Boston.  The winner will get FREE TICKETS to one of our shows!


 Go to our Facebook wall at FACEBOOK.COM/MENINMOTIONDANCERS and like us.  Then if you follow us or tell your friends about the sweepstakes you will be put in the drawing twice to double your chances of winning!

So go to our Facebook, see you at the show!!

Men in Motion | New Year’s Eve Party at the Gas Light Company!

Hello everyone just to let you know that Men in Motion can add a taste to any party…  We also send our sexy men to events to add a “little atmosphere” for visual stimulation.  As you can see by our photos, Garo and Scotty flaunted off their physique and personalities through the crowd all night at the Gas Light company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  You can also see Brett and Sensation where there as well just for fun!

Sensation and Garo - Male Dancers in New Hampshire Male Strippers in New Hampshire Male Dancers at the Gas Light company

Scotty and Garo handed out food and drinks to the crowd.  I’m sure several of the women took the chance to get a little squeeze in!!  Ladies our men are just more than a group of sexy guys, we have a variety of talent to present to the table from dance, telegrams, models, etc.  Many of the dancers are professionals during the day, or go to school full time.

The Gas Light company has the Men in Motion perform at their establishment about 4 times a year.  You can check out the Men in Motion calendar to see when the next dates are.  Men in Motion performs upstairs in the nightclub section.  Downstairs there are 2 restaurants and bars as well.  The Portsmouth parking garage is right behind the club so you can park there and literally walk 1 minute into the Gas Light.

If you want to go to a show and do a full fledged LADIES NIGHT OUT, come down to the Gas Light Company.  It’s right in the downtown section of Portsmouth and you can park, eat, drink and dance in the same location.  If you get there really early you go shopping in the downtown area or even sightsee the coastline.

Ladies we are the premier Male Revue Dance company and Male Stripogram service in New England.  Check out our dancers on our website or YouTube some of our videos and see what we have to offer.

Hopefully we will see you soon and hopefully you will most definately SEE US SOON! Literally!!  LOL