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What exactly do women want?

Ok so being the owner of the Men in Motion it more than concerns me to know what women want.  In the years of dealing with the public, more times than not I’ve noticed that what people say and what people really mean can be 2 different things.

Think about it –  As far as the male dancing industry goes, we market photos of our sexiest and best looking right?  As a business owner I want you to come to our shows and see HOT MEN!

BUT, when I ask women what they really want in a man, looks seems to be half of the equation.  The other half is how a man INTERACTS with a woman.  Read this posting that I copied from Facebook the other day: (Keep in mind it’s only in text format – Plus we had a couple of Jordan fans)



So the Men in Motion want to know exaclty what is it in a man that revs your engine? Good looks? They way he looks at you? A man that hears what your saying?

Please tell us!
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Men in Motion Dancers Or I guess if your name is Jordan! Lol
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Magdelena Siembab Cary The man that hears what you saying def.
Unlike · Reply · 4 · Tuesday at 1:01pm via mobile

Charlene Vasapolli Killer abs
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 1:26pm via mobile

Men in Motion Dancers Wow it sounds like if a guy knows how to connect with you then that goes a long way!!
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Justine Felch Sexy eyes Tattoos and charismatic
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 6:22pm

Crystal-Jo Arpin A man with sexy eyes, beautiful smile, crismatic, personable, looks good, and is single.
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Justine Felch or as my sister in law said Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sexy attentive and very nice even when the show is not going on!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 6:22pm

Cheryl Denbow Your man Jordan lol
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 5:38pm via mobile

Jeanne Brennan Looks good and has great personality!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 1:18pm via mobile

Julie O’shaughnessy Jordan is a cutie sexy lion
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Jennifer Jenni Weeman All of the above!!
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Jessica Borden A man that I can hold an intelligent conversation with or have a good debate with
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 2:53pm

Erinn Taft Positive energy and a great smile is the insta combo for me!!! Good listener is whats keeps the fire going though.
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Julie O’shaughnessy The man looks at you and listen to you
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Danielle Desmond Good looks nice body great personality
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Tiffany Cardot Everything Scottys got lol
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Jennifer Morgan Was he at guilt? I was just there on saturday
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Jennifer Morgan Someone introduce me to this guy please is he on the picture gallery here?
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Cheryl Denbow Jordan hell yes I had a hot seat with him. Very sexy energetic man. He was what a girl wants and needs lol
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If you wish to read the Facebook posting, go to


So I guess from this point on when we do our skits on stage maybe we have to consider how we LOOK at you, SMILE at you, TALK to you, and LISTEN to you.

Stay tuned!


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