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Stripping Santa in Boston

Over the years our company has seen a lot of requests. If you want a male stripper for the holidays we can have one show up in a holiday theme.



Ladies ask about booking a male stripping santa stripper in or near the Boston, Massachusetts area as a stripping santa. We have a couple of young strapping hunks that can do your christmas party. We also have an old male stripper that dresses up as santa and will do your show!

The Men in Motion male strippers do shows every weekend in Boston, MA. Men in Motion also sends out sexy male strippers for private parties in all of New England.

Male Stripper as a Police Officer for Birthday party in Boston, MA!

The Men in Motion provides male strippers for birthday parties throughout the Boston area. We have a range of male entertainers that can perform with a different choreographic music; each Boston stripper is different from the other. Men in Motion male strippers has different outfits ranging from army, cowboy, cop, construction, pizza delivery, and many more.

However, without a doubt, the outfit that is picked more than any other is the police uniform.  The hot cop is requested more than others because a cop outfit is BELIEVABLE.  If he shows up as a doctor at the door, don’t you think that your girlfriend will know what’s going on immediately?  As obvious as it is, the strippers really do dress as close to a cop as it can possible be and really act as a cop. The bride, not knowing anything about what is going on, can really be afraid that her birthday party was ruined. Once the stripper has entered the room, it can go even further pretending he is a cop by using the police club and handcuffing the bride! No other stripper outfit can create the same experience as a male stripper dressed as a cop, and first impression stays with the bride for a long time. Next time you book your party with Men in Motion Boston strippers, make sure you ask for a Police Male Stripper!

Here is a testimonial:

Your Website was very simple and easy to use. I could book from my phone. Our birthday party male stripper was Diesel and he was AMAZING! His performance was very enjoyable and he knew how to read the crowd well. The police officer outfit was soooooo funny, she started swearing at the poor guy! Your company operated in a very professional manner and has some of the highest standards in the industry. I booked with a few companies before and I will defintely use you guys again. – Debbie – Mansfield, MA

Are you looking to book a Boston Stripper for a party outside of Boston? We cover several parts of Mass – Worcester, Springfield, Cape Cod, etc.


A funny Male Stripper Commercial, it’s so funny!

You have to watch this video. It’s a commercial that was eventually banned. It’s so funny… Don’t you wish we didn’t have to be so politically correct?

To watch this funny Male Stripper Commercial – Click Here

Stay tuned for more entertainment on the Men in Motion Dancers site!

Jeff Timmons – Singer to Stripper?

Ladies, all men are not created equal – Jeff Timmons, the former pop singer from 98 Degrees is part of a Chippendale Style Strip Show in Las Vegas called Men of the Strip.  That’s right, the youthful baby face stud is fronting a reality show about male strippers.


He stripped off back in 2011 with the Chippendales.  Apparently he liked it enough to move forward with the Men of the Strip.  He will be promoting the reality show very soon and it’s being produced right now – On a private network until it’s release in the spring of 2014.

Timmons, 40 years old, will more than likely perform a few 98 Degrees songs and then flash his abs and chest.  Maybe the boy band will show up and show a little skin also!

Timmons feels like “The show is funny”.  He claims it’s more about the production of the show that makes it so entertaining.  The Men of the Strip Show will have special lighting, great music and exciting choreography.

So is this a precursor for the next “Magic Mike” movie?  Perhaps.  Whatever the net result is from this new show, a lot of women will be happy!