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Male Dancer Testimonail in Connecticut

Ashley – 23

My friends and I went to their show on a whim. Most girls would only go to a male strip club for a bachelorette party, birthday party, or some other celebration. Nope, not us! We were simply bored and looking for something to do. I actually hadn’t even heard of the Men in Motion before but I found it by Googling “male strippers Connecticut” on my phone. It got pretty good reviews on Facebook so we decided to try it out.

Check out our Facebook reviews

The place was called All Stars in Manchester. The venue was pretty well-kept. Maybe I’m just stereotyping, but I feel like all strip clubs have a sleazy feel to them. I didn’t feel dirty going in here at all. It actually is just a regular bar that does male revue shows on occasion. It felt normal, like I was going into a normal nightclub. They had a dj after and the regulars came in.

As for the actual performances, they were pretty good. It was kind of weird at first just because I’m used to seeing female strippers, not male strippers. They’re actually more like dancers than strippers. It was kind of like seeing a headlining show in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, the guys were REALLY attractive, but for us it was more about having fun and partying than it was about sexual excitement.

One thing that’s really cool about male strip clubs is that the environment is pretty laid back. The guys were really nice and some of them were actually very well educated with jobs outside of dancing. Overall I had a good time and I’d go here again.

Massachusetts Strip Club Testimonial

Gabriella – 24 – Taunton, MA

After our performances we interview some of the women at our strip club in Massachusetts. Here is what Gabriella had to say:

I went here for my bachelorette party early this year and had a blast! The staff was friendly, the place was clean, and the performers were entertaining. This was my first time stepping foot at a club that does male revues in Massachusetts so I didn’t really know what to expect. Let’s just say it took several Mai Thais in order to get me to loosen up 😉

The best part of the night was when I was forcibly made to get up on stage by my lovely counterparts. A sexy firefighter with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and tanned burly arms proceeded to give me a lap dance. I can tell you right now, NO amount of alcohol can prepare you for a moment like that! It’s a huge rush because all eyes are on you in the center of the stage. I’m not going to lie; I tend to be a bit more reserved so at first I felt super insecure and slightly embarrassed. But once the music got going, all bets were off! It was a once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget!

I would definitely recommend this place for all of you bachelorettes out there! Considering that I will probably never get the opportunity to do something like this again, I’m glad that I got to experience this even if it was just this one time. It may sound silly but it was actually a life changing experience for me, because it changed my opinion. Like I said, I’m a bit shy when it comes to stuff like this and I almost got in the way of my own fun because I wasn’t willing to open up and try something new. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. After all, life is too short!

The Men in Motion male revue show is performs every weekend in Boston, Massachusetts.

Old Santa Stripper will show you his “Sleigh”

If you want that special gag or something different at our party go no further. That’s right you heard it correctly…. Men in Motion Dancers has a genuine older gentleman stripper that will show off his stuff for you!

Stripping Santa

This Santa is gonna show you his “sleigh”, here he is dancing at the local radio station!

This good old “Santa Claus” will take his clothes off in a jolly old fashion. And he does it with pleasure. Whether you want “naughty” or “nice”, this will be a strip you will never forget. Wrapped up in a red christmas suit, he will strip down to topless, boxers or perhaps even more based on request.

To book him all you have to do is give us a call and ask. He gets booked on a regular basis so we have to check his booking schedule. Once we establish that he is available for your party will lock him in for your date.

For photos (check above) send us an email and we will send you some samples. (only samples, we can’t be too revealing)

Check out our previous blog with a Stripping Santa Video, Male Strippers Private Party

Stripping Santa, male stripper Santa Claus, Men in Motion old man stripper

Male Revue in Alexandria Bay, NY | Men in Motion

Ladies the Men in Motion male revue show is coming to Alexandria Bay, NY at the River’s Edge Resort!

The River’s Edge is a classy resort right on the river not far from Ontario lake. With a variety of luxurious accommodations and hotel, it would be a great place to go and stay overnight after the show. You can also have dinner prior to the show at the restaurant.

Men in Motion Male Revue at River's Edge Resort

Men in Motion at the River’s Edge resort, Alexandria, NY.

This will be the Men in Motion’s first time performing in Alexandria and we are looking forward to it!

For tickets and information to the Male Revue @ River’s Edge Resort, go to our Stripshow Calendar.

The Men in Motion have been doing shows throughout New York state for years. We cover all the main areas of New York from Poughkeepsie to Albany; from Syracuse to Rochester. Most of our revue shows have had about 100-300 women depending upon the location.

If you are just looking for a male stripper in NY and not a show, go to our New York page. We send out male dancers for parties in New York for a variety of occasions.

Male Revue – A Classic Story at the Arena Nightclub in Nashua

Ladies Night Out – Male Revue at the Arena Nightclub in Nashua

This a quick story about my first male revue show in New Hampshire. Things are quiet where I live so we don’t see this stuff much. Enjoy!

A testimonial from Amy – Bedford, NH


Not long ago I’d never encountered a genuine young ladies’ night out. Of course, in college the girls and I did our rounds of socializing at different fraternities. On 2 different occasions I event went on spring break to Cancun and then Las Vegas. But even then back in my youth I “checked in” with my other half, I guess I was more into him than anything. At the time my heart really wasn’t into the whole “just us gals” thing.

Men in Motion at the Arena Nightclub

Men in Motion performs in Nashua at the Arena nightclub.

But this time was different. Really different. One of my friendly aquaintances was given 4 free passes to see MEN DANCE. Well ok more specificly, it was an All Male Revue show at the Arena Nightclub in Nashua. So she invited me to come with her and another friend. Even the shock of the question effected my psyche. Honestly, I was really interested. Call it a blend of curiousity and interest?

I really wondered how it would feel to go out with the girls since it had been so long since I’ve done girls night out. I’m just used to doing the couples thing… Well anyways it was no big deal! I was kind of excited to see what these male dancers were all about.

So we planned for me to drive since my car can fit everyone comfortably. My friend Sue and Kathy jumped in when I arrived at Sue’s place. I had to say we all laughed. To our pleasant surprise we had all gone to the bank that morning and picked up $50 in singles each, just so we could place dollar bills in the male dancers underwear. So funny!

We came from the Bedford, NH area so it took about 20 minutes to get there. Upon arriving to the Arena nightclub we noticed several other nightclubs and restaurants in the area. There is a huge parking lot right next door so the parking was great.

At the door the staff was basically friendly. Right where you walk in there is a huge bar, restaurant, tv screens and pool tables. We were told to go into the back room where there was an additional nightclub. It was setup like an arena from the days of the gladiators and had more of a “club” feel to it. Nice place; clean bathrooms, good setup for seating.

So the revue show was about to start. We grabbed 3 martinis and sat down by the bar. It’s a big room but not an overly big one so you can see the male strippers on stage from pretty much anywhere.

So the show began. There was one MC that started a show. This HUNK was pretty big, apparently from Boston… Pretty sexy guy. Then after a brief monologue, 3 other guys came out and they did a group male stripping routine. It was cute.

Then the first stripper was announced. He came out in a sharp flashy outfit and wow, those were some pretty interesting moves. Now keep in mind I didn’t know what to expect, so I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be like a chippendales show like in Las Vegas or a gropey show. Anyways the guys went into the crowd and gave some bump and grind but I have to say it was pretty funny. The girls were yelling like crazy!

Then came the next dancer dressed as a cop announcing that we going to pat the birthday girl on stage down for drugs and paraphernalia, OMG that was hilarious. He even picked her up softly and spun her through the air. Good stuff.

Now the 3rd… It was the MC himself. That was a shocker but then again it wasn’t. I liked him the best with his “raining men” routine. It kinda made me re-live the movie “Magic Mike”. Being a Channing Tatum fan that was really fun.

Then at the end it was a pleasant surprise. They all came out together and did a 2 minute routine. The girls were yelling and jumping up and down. The last 15 minutes of the show all the girls were out of their seats and dancing around with their drinks in one hand and dollar bills in the other.

I must say when I tipped the MC (my favorite) I had ulterior intentions, I wanted the guy all for myself. But I guess I had to share with the girls. He was just too adorable.

So with some reflection on the night, I can see how an occasional “gurls night out” can be kinda healthy. I’ve heard that no-guys-allowed time is valuable so now I can live to attest it. Love my man as I do, I wasn’t hoping he would magically appear during the night. Just being around other women and having us catered to was a breath of fresh air. I’m not saying that male strippers at the Arena are the answer, but I did have a blast with the girls!

Come to an All Male Revue in New Hampshire, Male Revue NH.

The Men in Motion male revue performs at the Arena nightclub (formerly the Amber Room) on a regular basis in New Hampshire. For more information or tickets, go to our calendar page.