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Men in Motion Male Revue comes to Winchester, Virginia!

The Men in Motion Male Revue performed @ the Bright Box Theater in Winchester, Virginia last Saturday in February. What a success!

Both shows were pretty much sold out.

The Bright Box Theater is a great entertainment theater in downtown Winchester. It’s surrounded by shops, bars, restaurants, etc. It’s know for it’s comedy & drag shows along with other types of entertainment. They provide meals and have a full bar. It’s a clean, comfortable setting.

We will be back! The Men in Motion & the Bright Box Theater have made an agreement to do Revue Shows every quarter. For tickets and information go to our VIRGINIA MALE REVUE CALENDAR and go through our showdates.

There will be 2 shows to choose from. Pick whatever one works best for your girls night out.

Men in Motion Male Revue is a traveling tour group that books Male Revue Shows in Virginia & up the entire east coast.







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Things to do for a Connecticut Bachelorette Party

There are a lot of thoughts that enter a girl’s mind when planning a Connecticut bachelorette party. It can, at times, be such an overwhelming experience because you want everything to be just perfect.

You stop and think about it. What am I going to have everyone wear? Who should I invite? Where should we go and how should we get there? There is only one lifetime event like this, so nothing can go unoticed.


With that being said, you must take notice of every detail. From the guest list to the colors to the theme to the invites and the decorations, there is so much time and effort that goes into planning these parties the right way. First off, you always have to keep in mind that booking ahead is always best. If you wait too long, things can get booked and then you have to come up with a Plan B, if you haven’t already. And let’s face it, most people don’t want a Plan B when it comes to anything that has to do with a wedding. Then there’s of course the invites, colors, theme, decorations and guestlist. You don’t want to leave anyone out… and you don’t want to invite someone that could put a damper on the festivities. There’s such a fine line on who should be invited to the bachelorette party as this is normally a more selective crew. Next, you will need to decide on transportation to the venue. Do you want all the girls to come on their own or should you rent a limo? Will you be passing out party favors as the guests leave? What should be on the menu?As you can see, there are so many things one must think about. There are some great options of things to do for a bachelorette party. You can go to a wine tasting or tour different wineries. You can also go to a spa. All girls like to be pampered, right? And how about cooking some fun recipes at the hosts house before going out on the town? You could travel to different restaurants in the Connecticut area. There are some fabulous places to check out as you hop around for a night on the town. Other options are pole dancing classes – bringing the “sexy” to the party. And then there are always the nighclubs and bars. You can either start with these or end your night at a fun place dancing the night away in celebration.

So we decided to give you a list of THINGS TO DO FOR YOUR BACHELORETTE PARTY IN CONNECTICUT. (See below)

Happy (Wine) Trails:

  • The Connecticut Wine Trail, with 30 wineries stretching from Canaan to Stonington, is a way to experience locally-grown wine in some of CT’s most picturesque towns. Pack a picnic lunch, and plot a route. Many of the wineries are in geographical clusters, making it simple to visit several in an afternoon’s time. – Tips: If your group can afford it, consider renting a limousine or party bus to take you from vineyard to vineyard. That way, everyone can kick back and enjoy. If you plan to visit with a large group, be courteous and call ahead to each winery to see if they can accommodate you. Some wineries are less picnic-friendly than others.
  •  Visit the Connecticut Wine Trail website ( for a list of wineries, a trail map and suggestions for local restaurants, lodging and transportation.

Going to the Spa:

  • On the shoreline, there’s Water’s Edge Resort and Spa in Westbrook and Saybrook Point Inn in Old Saybrook., Mayflower Inn & Spa in the Litchfield Hills and The Spa at Norwich Inn in the state’s eastern corner.
  • The Spa at Norwich Inn, 607 West Thames Street, Norwich, 860-886-2401,
  • Water’s Edge Resort & Spa, 1525 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, 860-399-5901,
  • Saybrook Point Inn, 2 Bridge Street, Old Saybrook, 860-395-2000,
  • Mayflower Inn, 118 Woodbury Road, Washington, 860-868-9466,
  • For some City Socializing, you can’t go wrong with Hartford’s Bin 228 (228 Pearl Street, Hartford, 860-244-9463,, Trumbull Kitchen (150 Trumbull Street, 860-493-7412, or Max Downtown (185 Asylum Street, 860-522-2530,

Cooking for Fun:

  • If your bride loves cooking, consider bringing the party to a cooking class. Sur La Table in Canton hosts a series of monthly cooking courses and workshops, covering everything from basic knife skills to complex ethnic dishes.
  • Sur La Table, 110 Albany Tpke # 609, Canton, 860-693-9560,
  • Dining tapas-style: Instead of a big dinner, treat your bride to small plates and drinks at a trendy bar.
  • In Blue Back Square, sample 68 wines by one, three or five-ounce pours and accompanying cheeses, charcuterie and chocolates at Uncorked (63 Memorial Drive, West Hartford, 860-216-2620, Down the street at Cuvee (37 Raymond Road, 860-756-5590,, enjoy champagne cocktails, creative martinis, sushi and crostini while relaxing on comfortable banquettes.
  • For a European-style celebration, bring the party to Barcelona (locations in West Hartford, New Haven, Stamford, Fairfield and Greenwich; for authentic tapas and a huge selection of Spanish wines.

Pole Dancing Classes:

  • Pole position: If your bride isn’t afraid to get a little sexy, consider a pole-dancing instruction class. Where to go: Pole Control Studios in Hartford hosts large groups for private parties seven days a week. 75 Pratt Street, 860-246-POLE,

Gambling & Casino Entertainment:

  • The casinos in eastern Connecticut add a full night of fun for any party. Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos both offer everything you need for any bachelorette party!
  • Go to Mohegan Sun’s website at
  • Go to Foxwood’s website at

In conclusion, you don’t want to just throw some thing together. Make sure to plan everything out and write your plans down. Planning is what will make the entire night smooth, fun for everyone and a night to remember. Let the CT bachelorette party begin!

If you are looking for a Bachelorette Party Stripper in CT, go to our website for more info!

Male Stripper Mistakes – Laugh or Cry?

Little Cop Stripper

Little Cop Stripper

Wow really? Should we laugh or cry? You just never know do you? Check out this story about a midget stripper that, well I guess had sex with the bachelorette girl? Now the bachelorette girl is pregnant with the midget stripper’s baby?

Midget Stripper has baby with Bachelorette?

Although we never experienced or saw anything like this with our company, this sure proves to go into the top 10 for hilarious and funny!

Men in Motion | Male Strippers Perform in Providence, RI

We are into a new year so we are setting the dates for our upcoming shows. As many of you know the Men in Motion does shows in Boston every weekend. However, we also do shows in Providence, RI every month starting in March. The location is the Comedy Connection located on Warren Ave in East Providence. It’s right off the highway.

Comedy Connection Comedy Club - Providence

The Comedy Connection – Comedy shows every weekend in Providence

The show starts right as the comedy ends. The comedians perform from 8pm till 10pm. After that there is a small intermission and then BANG! The Men in Motion start thier show at 10:15pm. What’s great about going to a show at the Comedy Connection is that you have 2 types of entertainment (comedy and male dancers), easy parking off the highway and you can have dinner there. It’s a whole night of fun in one location.

As the Men in Motion show starts, the MC begins his monologue and then the male strippers come out. Men in Motion does choreographed skits and then they interact with the crowd. Remember to bring your dollar bills! When the male dancers go through the crowd the women wave dollar bills in the air and tuck them in the boxers or thong of the dancers. Does that sound like fun? Well it is! And the Providence male strippers we have do it tastefully so they don’t offend anyone.

The Men in Motion Male Revue Rhode Island show ends about 12:15am which is plenty of time to go out downtown if you wish. You will only be about 10 minutes from the downtown area. This way you can top off the night with some dancing.

Ladies give the Men in Motion Providence show a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

Stripping Santa in Boston

Over the years our company has seen a lot of requests. If you want a male stripper for the holidays we can have one show up in a holiday theme.



Ladies ask about booking a male stripping santa stripper in or near the Boston, Massachusetts area as a stripping santa. We have a couple of young strapping hunks that can do your christmas party. We also have an old male stripper that dresses up as santa and will do your show!

The Men in Motion male strippers do shows every weekend in Boston, MA. Men in Motion also sends out sexy male strippers for private parties in all of New England.

Jeff Timmons – Singer to Stripper?

Ladies, all men are not created equal – Jeff Timmons, the former pop singer from 98 Degrees is part of a Chippendale Style Strip Show in Las Vegas called Men of the Strip.  That’s right, the youthful baby face stud is fronting a reality show about male strippers.


He stripped off back in 2011 with the Chippendales.  Apparently he liked it enough to move forward with the Men of the Strip.  He will be promoting the reality show very soon and it’s being produced right now – On a private network until it’s release in the spring of 2014.

Timmons, 40 years old, will more than likely perform a few 98 Degrees songs and then flash his abs and chest.  Maybe the boy band will show up and show a little skin also!

Timmons feels like “The show is funny”.  He claims it’s more about the production of the show that makes it so entertaining.  The Men of the Strip Show will have special lighting, great music and exciting choreography.

So is this a precursor for the next “Magic Mike” movie?  Perhaps.  Whatever the net result is from this new show, a lot of women will be happy!

18 + Male Strip Clubs with the Men in Motion Male Revue show!

Ladies if you have a girlfriend that wants to go to one of our shows and she is under 21 years of age, consider a couple of our locations.  The Men in Motion are located in Boston, Massachusetts.  Since Boston is such a hub for bachelorette parties  and ongoing events, we have a club nearby that will allow shows for the under 21 crowd.  Please give our operators a call and we can tell you about our location and what the ticket price is for that show.

We also have a show in Providence, RI that does an 18 plus male revue show called the Comedy Connection.  The added bonus of going to one of the male revue shows at the Comedy Connection is that they have a comedy show prior to the Men in Motion show.  So you will get an entire night of entertainment for your group.   The Comedy Connection also has free parking and it serves food and drinks.

In addition they are 5 minutes from the downtown Providence, RI area.  Once the show is over you can hop on I-195, jump on I-95 for a minute and then you will be in heart of Providence’s party scene for dancing and drinking.

The Men in Motion perform at other locations in New England and New York that are 18+.  Go to the male strip club calendar, go through the dates and click on the club date and information.  It should say whether or not it is.  If you are not sure, call the club directly or give us a call or send an email.

The Men in Motion 18+ male strip clubs are just as fun as any other club that we do.  Sometimes it’s better because you can bring everyone that you wanted to!

Continue to go through the site, thank you!

The Men in Motion Staff

Why go to a Male Strip Club?

So you want to do something new.  You’ve seen it all…  You’ve been to the local social scene many times before, been to the movie theater up the street and seen your friends a thousand times at the same restaurant/bar.  So what next?

So of course we suggest that you and your girlfriends go to one of our Male Strip Clubs nearby.  And you ask yourself, why?  The reason why is because it’s a change of scene that not only is different, but it’s FUN!  The Men in Motion Male Revue show has talented young individuals that want to perform for you.  They are passionate about what they do.  Believe us it shows!

Having a bachelorette or birthday party and you want to see male strippers at a strip club?  This is what we specialize in!  The entire show is designed to cater to the girl of honour. Girls come to our club for a variety of reasons.


  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Going Away Parties
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Retirements
  • Just for Fun

The Men in Motion perform in several male strip clubs in New England.  Our most popular male strip club is in Boston at Club Guilt, located on Tremont St. across from the Wang theater.  This Boston Male Strip Club is like none other in New England.  Here you can count on 4,000 sq feet of polished dance floor with the best djs and music in the area.  Our male strip show is a Chippendales style show that last approximately 2 hours and then afterwards the club turns into a dance floor for all of it’s patrons.  And the dance party after is FREE!!  Along side of Guilt is a variety of touristy things to do.  There are a ton of restaurants, hotels and bars within walking distance of Guilt.

Now let us keep you in check.  This male strip club is not a “hump your leg” place with a dancer walking around with a towel wrapped around his waist.  Male dancers like that have not been trained properly and problably never will.  However a good exotic male dancer will be in shape, be friendly, have a nice outfit and have a skit to do on stage.

If you are interested in going to our male strip club near you, go to the Men in Motion website and click on Club Show Calendar.  All showdates are listed there.


  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New York
  • Washington DC

If you have never been to a strip club before, give us a shot. See you at the show!

What exactly do women want?

Ok so being the owner of the Men in Motion it more than concerns me to know what women want.  In the years of dealing with the public, more times than not I’ve noticed that what people say and what people really mean can be 2 different things.

Think about it –  As far as the male dancing industry goes, we market photos of our sexiest and best looking right?  As a business owner I want you to come to our shows and see HOT MEN!

BUT, when I ask women what they really want in a man, looks seems to be half of the equation.  The other half is how a man INTERACTS with a woman.  Read this posting that I copied from Facebook the other day: (Keep in mind it’s only in text format – Plus we had a couple of Jordan fans)



So the Men in Motion want to know exaclty what is it in a man that revs your engine? Good looks? They way he looks at you? A man that hears what your saying?

Please tell us!
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Men in Motion Dancers Or I guess if your name is Jordan! Lol
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 7:12pm via mobile

Magdelena Siembab Cary The man that hears what you saying def.
Unlike · Reply · 4 · Tuesday at 1:01pm via mobile

Charlene Vasapolli Killer abs
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 1:26pm via mobile

Men in Motion Dancers Wow it sounds like if a guy knows how to connect with you then that goes a long way!!
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 7:12pm via mobile

Justine Felch Sexy eyes Tattoos and charismatic
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 6:22pm

Crystal-Jo Arpin A man with sexy eyes, beautiful smile, crismatic, personable, looks good, and is single.
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Tuesday at 1:07pm via mobile

Justine Felch or as my sister in law said Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sexy attentive and very nice even when the show is not going on!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 6:22pm

Cheryl Denbow Your man Jordan lol
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 5:38pm via mobile

Jeanne Brennan Looks good and has great personality!
Unlike · Reply · 2 · Tuesday at 1:18pm via mobile

Julie O’shaughnessy Jordan is a cutie sexy lion
Like · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 7:37pm via mobile

Jennifer Jenni Weeman All of the above!!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 6:17pm via mobile

Jessica Borden A man that I can hold an intelligent conversation with or have a good debate with
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 2:53pm

Erinn Taft Positive energy and a great smile is the insta combo for me!!! Good listener is whats keeps the fire going though.
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 1:26pm via mobile

Julie O’shaughnessy The man looks at you and listen to you
Unlike · Reply · 1 · Tuesday at 1:02pm via mobile

Danielle Desmond Good looks nice body great personality
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Tiffany Cardot Everything Scottys got lol
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Jennifer Morgan Was he at guilt? I was just there on saturday
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Jennifer Morgan Someone introduce me to this guy please is he on the picture gallery here?
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Cheryl Denbow Jordan hell yes I had a hot seat with him. Very sexy energetic man. He was what a girl wants and needs lol
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If you wish to read the Facebook posting, go to


So I guess from this point on when we do our skits on stage maybe we have to consider how we LOOK at you, SMILE at you, TALK to you, and LISTEN to you.

Stay tuned!


Men in Motion Dancers

Men in Motion on the road

Ladies you might thing that being a dancer is all fun and games.  Now of course at the show it is.  We enjoy what we do.  However a lot of time and effort goes into our shows.  There’s travel, time and energy, expenses, personality clashes or comradship, the list goes on.

At the end of the day we are just real people doing the same things that all people do.  One foot in front of the other as the saying goes.

As you can see in our pic, Brett, Alejandro and Sensation have squeezed in the back seat of the car going from one show on one night to another show the other night.  Sometimes these guys don’t sleep much or even have a chance to get comfortable.  “The show must go on” always applies.  These guys are truly dedicated to the entertainment they provide so going on the road to different shows is part of the lifestyle.

Men in Motion on the road

May truth be told that even though their bodies look good, on more than one occasion they EAT FAST FOOD, FRIES AND ALL!(In fact Alejandro even claims to not even work out..  It must be the Brazilian in him to just have the looks and body no matter what)  If you were there you might scratch your head or even laugh.  So why are they eating like that?  Well they are on the road!!  Road food isn’t always the best but when they get home they delve into a few salads and chicken breast to make up for lost time.

Ladies the Men in Motion has a good group of men, just check them out at our website at


See you at the show!