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Male Revue Waterbury, CT

Ladies come see the Men in Motion Male Revue show perform just outside of Waterbury, Ct! They are performing on a Thursday night in November. Go to our website calendar for more information.

The Men in Motion Dancers have been performing in the Waterbury area for years. If you decide to go to our stripshow in Ct, join our facebook page. We do ticket giveaways for our shows. If you have seen a show by the Men in Motion Male Revue Waterbury, Male Revue in Ct, Male Revue in Waterbury please tell your girlfriends about our show. We promise won’t disappoint you. We will go the extra mile; we will make make sure you get special attention from one of our Hot Male Strippers in Connecticut.

Ask about what our Ct Male Stripper can do for your Bachelorette or Birthday Girl. Male Revue

This Ct Male Revue show is perfect for the Bristol, Southington, Thomaston, Wolcott & Waterbury areas.


Male Dancer Testimonail in Connecticut

Ashley – 23

My friends and I went to their show on a whim. Most girls would only go to a male strip club for a bachelorette party, birthday party, or some other celebration. Nope, not us! We were simply bored and looking for something to do. I actually hadn’t even heard of the Men in Motion before but I found it by Googling “male strippers Connecticut” on my phone. It got pretty good reviews on Facebook so we decided to try it out.

Check out our Facebook reviews

The place was called All Stars in Manchester. The venue was pretty well-kept. Maybe I’m just stereotyping, but I feel like all strip clubs have a sleazy feel to them. I didn’t feel dirty going in here at all. It actually is just a regular bar that does male revue shows on occasion. It felt normal, like I was going into a normal nightclub. They had a dj after and the regulars came in.

As for the actual performances, they were pretty good. It was kind of weird at first just because I’m used to seeing female strippers, not male strippers. They’re actually more like dancers than strippers. It was kind of like seeing a headlining show in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, the guys were REALLY attractive, but for us it was more about having fun and partying than it was about sexual excitement.

One thing that’s really cool about male strip clubs is that the environment is pretty laid back. The guys were really nice and some of them were actually very well educated with jobs outside of dancing. Overall I had a good time and I’d go here again.