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All Male Revue Show @ Mixx 360 in Malden, Mass

Come see the Men in Motion Dancers in Saugus @ Mixx 360 for the Holidays!

This will be a holiday celebration in the Saugus/Malden area for your Girls Night Out Event! This is a 6 man show while you enjoy all of the benefits of what the Boston area has to offer! Enjoy an easy nightclub experience with free parking, quick access on RT. 1, a full dinner menu and a bowling alley next door! Stay for the dance party after till closing. We won’t disappoint you, get your tickets now!


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Massachusetts Strip Club Testimonial

Gabriella – 24 – Taunton, MA

After our performances we interview some of the women at our strip club in Massachusetts. Here is what Gabriella had to say:

I went here for my bachelorette party early this year and had a blast! The staff was friendly, the place was clean, and the performers were entertaining. This was my first time stepping foot at a club that does male revues in Massachusetts so I didn’t really know what to expect. Let’s just say it took several Mai Thais in order to get me to loosen up 😉

The best part of the night was when I was forcibly made to get up on stage by my lovely counterparts. A sexy firefighter with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and tanned burly arms proceeded to give me a lap dance. I can tell you right now, NO amount of alcohol can prepare you for a moment like that! It’s a huge rush because all eyes are on you in the center of the stage. I’m not going to lie; I tend to be a bit more reserved so at first I felt super insecure and slightly embarrassed. But once the music got going, all bets were off! It was a once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget!

I would definitely recommend this place for all of you bachelorettes out there! Considering that I will probably never get the opportunity to do something like this again, I’m glad that I got to experience this even if it was just this one time. It may sound silly but it was actually a life changing experience for me, because it changed my opinion. Like I said, I’m a bit shy when it comes to stuff like this and I almost got in the way of my own fun because I wasn’t willing to open up and try something new. Sometimes you’ve got to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. After all, life is too short!

The Men in Motion male revue show is performs every weekend in Boston, Massachusetts.

A Thought about Bachelorette Parties | Massachusetts

It’s a cool Saturday night out in New England and you are socializing with your friends. You’re planning what you are going to do and you hear a bunch of joyous noises and you see a medium sized crowd. Then you look closer; A gathering of young women, regularly decked out in bright pink shirts and tiaras, wearing shiny Mardi Gras necklaces or holding an over-sized penis, going around the streets yelling flamboyantly. In the center is a joy filled female wearing a veil or, sometimes a tank top covered in candy, condoms or a checklist. Maybe if your one of the lucky guys walking by you will be the one that this party of girls will ask to complete the night with a nibble, group hug or a mere handshake for their checklist. It’s a bachelorette party, obviously.

Massachusetts Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party

In a great part of the western culture bachelorettes celebrating their night out in strip clubs has gotten to be progressively prominent. Anywhere there is a heavy social scene like Boston, Provincetown, Providence, Newport, Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun these women would do anything for a lap dance.

Don’t think gender or sexuality will be a limitation. They have even been willing to see females in men strip clubs or go to a gay bar for fun-filled laughs. Whatever motivates these spur of the moment bachelorettes, they are ready for the shock value and stories that the night can create.

Some men call this a general decrease in behavior out in public. For women who call this just a crazy way to have fun, it’s the battle for male/female equality. Think about all the men that go out to strip clubs for their bachelor party, or perhaps just to have a night out and then ridicule women who do the same.

However, not all men are created equal. A lot of guys have hired a male stripper for their fiance, or better yet sent them to see an all male revue show with a stack of dollar bills. It seems with a growing trend is a breakdown of cultural barriers as well.

Massachusetts seems to draw many bachelorette parties due to it’s easy access destinations for New Englanders. Boston with it’s variety of drag shows, theaters, nightclubs and restaurants. Cape Cop for it’s beaches and resorts, and Provincetown for the cross section of entertainment and socio-culture and economics.

“Provincetown is sooooooo much fun,” said Kate, a bridesmaid to her friend Jennifer, outside of the Post Office Cabaret last year, where they had just seen Naked Boys Singing. “We love it here. And everyone is so nice and the environment is great.”

Many clubs or bars in Provincetown have showed enthusiasm towards the bachelorette parties. Provincetown is known to be predominantly gay but the gay or lesbian community seems to have no issue with the bachelorette parties coming into gay bars. Obviously not all bachelorette parties act the same way or do the same thing. Although many of these parties are looking for thier lap dance from a partially naked man, many places in Provincetown are for families also. Some male dancing agencies send exotic dancers to Provincetown.

“Bachelorette Parties are a part of our economy,” says one representative of a neighborhood dance club. “Individuals come to town for all diverse reasons. We may not prefer the greater part of the reasons, however piece of the appeal of Provincetown is that you can come here and do what you want.

For the maid of honor that has to plan this night out, it seems like most Male Strip Clubs in Massachusetts are in the Boston area because of it’s population and size. A couple of Male Revues, Men in Motion male revue and The Male Encounter are an idea for the upbeat and outgoing. Girls like to go to these shows because they are conveniently located and there are plenty of things to do for the whole group. Plus they get great reviews.

For however this trends lasts the bachelorette party scene is one to take notice to. For more information on your Bachelorette Party in Ma, click on the link below.

Click this link – For a Bachelorette Party Stripper in Massachusetts.