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Men in Motion's Professional Male Strippers, Male Exotic Dancers, & Hot Male Strippers are handsome, healthy, talented young men between the ages of 18 and 35, (we have a couple of older dancers for the older women also) who, for one reason or another, were either drawn into a life of exotic dance via affiliated acquaintance or compelled to pursue it as a matter of personal interest. A Male Stripper, Male Dancer from our dance company found their way here from other stripping agencies, while still others were actually suggested to us by clients. Once discovered, new, potential male strippers are inducted into the fold and life of a dancer in some strange and funny ways. One of MIM's favorite methods is called the "Virgin Squeeze." Prospective dancers are tossed out onto the stage in some of the most absurd acts in the MIM arsenal (i.e. Elvis, the gorilla, Austin Powers, etc). If a candidate is ambitious enough to strip out of a costume like that and still make money with a smile, he's hired. From there, it's practice, practice, practice until he's ready to 'make that money'. Our men are available for many areas for Wild Bachelorette Parties and much more.

Men in Motion Male Strippers perform in many parts of the country. If you found us online and are interested in a Male Dance Show or having a Male Dancer come to a private location, check out our list below.

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Why Our Strippers Do This:

The last thing anyone wants is a Dancer so full of himself that he ceases to be attractive to women and is no longer marketable for his agent. And this is exactly the kind of thing that can happen if a certain degree of comradery among the dancers is not established early on. Plus, the bonds that are forged between our guys when they first begin encourage a sharing of tips and techniques, which allows our Dancers to develop into the kind of entertainers Men in Motion clients, for the past 20 years, have happily and repeatedly invited into their homes. An important by-product of this kind of induction is that our dancers are more quickly keyed into how to assess a private party's general vibe, as well as the secret disposition of the lady of honor. After all, isn't that what you pay for, a Male Dancer that can sense exactly how far he may take the show without spoiling the good time? We hope so! Because this is exactly what we do best.

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What It Means For You:

Men in Motion's way of doing business ensures that you get the absolute best in Exotic Male Entertainment, whatever your needs might be. That's our promise and our guarantee. And what's more, we're constantly seeking new faces and developing our talent. Whether you're setting up for a private party with a Stripper or planning a ladies night out to one of our many Revues all across New England, Men in Motion is the best place anywhere to find Male Strippers. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Male Stripper gallery and check out the hot bodies ready to take it off for you. They're only a click and a call away. Get your show booked today. And by the way, if you're interested in special deals on either private parties or tickets to our shows, join our email list by inputing your email address into the email submission box on the right. Then watch your email for our special promotions and discounts via email titled, "Men in Motion".

Do You Like Different Flavors:?

Men in Motion Dancers also believes in variety. The more we have to offer the more our customers are happy. We have white strippers, Black Strippers & Latin Strippers. Check out our hunks on our Photo Gallery tab on our website.

For all the ladies who like sexy men in southern New England, check out our MA Male Strippers, CT Male Strippers, Casino Male Strippers & RI Male Strippers in your area. Men in Motion will send you the best in the business.

For all the ladies who like sexy men in northern New England, check out our ME Male Strippers, NH Male Stripper, PA Male Strippers & VT Male Strippers in your area. Men in Motion will send you the best in the business.

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We have Strippers in Hartford, Providence, Newport, Boston, New Haven, Worcester, Springfield, Portsmouth, Nashua, Portland, Albany, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Arlington, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Newport News, Norfolk, Charlotte, Charleston, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods plus many more!

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Men in Motion male dancers also has NY Male Strippers, PA Male Strippers, MD Male Strippers, VA Male Strippers, NC Male Strippers, SC Male Strippers, GA Male Strippers, FL Male Strippers & Washington DC Male Strippers also. Men in Motion will send you the best in the business. Our men are sexy, hot, professional and can be mild to wild!

Click here for Male Revues in Ct, Ma, Ri, Nh, Me, Vt, Ny, Pa, VA, Md, De, Nc, Sc, Ga, Fl, Boston, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville & Washington DC.

Professional Male Dancers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Boston & Washington DC!

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